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Google Adsense must be made to understand why so many people are so mad at them for disable ling their accounts. When an adsense partner's account is disabled for invalid clicks Google notifies the account holders by an automated friendly email that on most part arrives around 1:15 am EST that their account has been disabled for invalid clicks. This has happened to thousands and thousands of partners in the adsense program. These are one kind of friendly emails that nobody wants to receive especially being that it will effect their financial livelihood big time.

Google must be made to understand why people are so very angry especially the children who have placed a lot of hopes and dreams of making it big from a Youtube partnership not just for the money they earn, but for a chance to be very talented and creative by making great video and having them go viral all over the internet. Adsense played a big roll in providing some earnings that a lot of children depended on to help pay for the video equipment or upgrading it in order to produce good quality videos. So many hopes and dreams have been destroyed.

Google further aggravates the situation by not only closing the account without any advance warning, but by keeping all adsense earnings for that month when the red flag goes up and on top of that they also keep the previous month earnings too. This is not the worst of it. Google Adsense sets a threshold minimum limit of $100. A partner is paid when their account balance reaches a minimum of $100 but they do not receive the payment until the end of following month. So if you somehow earned $100 on the first of the month you will have to wait to the end of the second month to get the payment. However in so many cases a lot of YouTube adsense partners only make a few pennies a day and it takes about a year or more before they reach $100. Now here is the real ugly part. For many children this can be a long and daunting task in waiting for that $100 moment. The final moment when all of that Youtube video creativity will finally pay off. Already telling their parents, family and friends that they only have a few more pennies to go to reach that $100 marker. And then like a thief in the night at 1:15 am Google takes it. The children wake up excited in the morning, head for the computer to log in and check their adsense balance and it reads "Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled". And then the trumpets blast with a mighty wind "WHAT THE F--K ! ! !

That is a crying shame. Keep in mind that for so many partners it will take over a year to reach that $100, and it all goes back to Google. In fact Google also warns you not to cash any previous checks if you have one from a prior month because they issue a "Stop Payment" on all checks that haven't been cashed yet. Damn it Google you don't go around sticking something wonderful as $100 in someone's face especially children only to take it away because you believe that their accounts have suspicious activity that you can't or not willing to prove to them or locking people out of their account so that they can't even see the suspicious activity. You are so concerned about protecting the advertisers but it is like you don't give a damn about protecting the foundations that the advertisers depend on such as the people who set up these platforms, being it Youtube, web sites, blogs or whatever that displays adsense for the advertisers to get the word out. A lot of these people made and sacrifice advertising space and spend a lot of money just to present an additional avenue for the advertisers to reach more people. A person running an e-commerce site also who are so loyal to Google Adsense risk loosing a potential $200 sale to a $0.05 Adsense click for the same product and then on top of that you disable their account for unclear reasons that you claim that you can't share because it may undermine the invalid click detection system, so now they don't even get the $0.05.

Wooooooooo! This is not even the worst. Some partners lost as much as $40,000. As for myself I have lost over $473 when Google disabled my adsense account. Do a YouTube keyword search and you will find many very angry videos from parents and other partners expressing outrage over this subject. Just make sure that no kids or around first. Its been said that over 200,000 accounts have been disabled for invalid click in a short period of time. That's 200,000 partners that felt they got ripped off and may not be buying any Google products again. A form of pay back I would guess.

Now here is what I really don't understand. There have been several class action law suites over this matter against Google but the courts always seem to side with Google. I guess because it is written in Google's policy that they reserve the right to disable any account for any reason at any time and does not have to release our earnings. It's like as if the courts are saying that the big multi billion dollar companies like Google are allowed to reserve the right to RIP US OFF if it is already written in their policy in advance to ripping us off.

The way I see it is why should the FTC, BBB or the courts even cater to that mentality. Why don't any of them say "Woooooo! Wait! Hold on a minute with having that kind of police". Come on! We are talking about loop holes that allow a big company to keep our money without having to disclose any reason why while they bring a charge against us and an appeals process that is extremely unlikely to rule in our favor. Google says that they give the money back to the advertisers. WHO THE HELL OVERSEES THAT! They disable our accounts without warning or without presenting any facts, documents, statements and expect us to take their word for it while keeping us in the dark with automated messages that were triggered by a red flag that we don't get to see because our accounts are blocked. What's even crazy, at least the advertisers do get the visual warnings and emails before the red flag goes up. You would think that the FTC or BBB would rule against the creation any policy that appears to have a criminal element, meaning to say that a company can offer you something that causes you to invest your time, your money and creativity with setting a belief that you will be rewarded for your efforts and sacrifices that Google and the advertisers profit on only to have it all taken away without proving or showing evidence that you did something wrong. Ever get those copywrite infringement warnings in the mail from your local IP company. The long letter shows your illegal activity by showing the entire click path and download route from the source anywhere around the world right down to your computer. No excaping that one. Happen to us 3 times. We never had our service interrupted and was able to resolve the problem by TALKING to a REAL person at cablevision Opimum Online service. Turned out that someone was accessing our wireless router. SEE GOOGLE, why can't you be like that? Huh? GOOGLE? Huh? Huh? Huhhhhhhh? Whazzup with that......Google?

Ok so that's Google policy. One should question. Is it a fair policy? Is it an ethical policy? Does the policy allows transparency and disclosure to a policy violator other than an automated email? Should a company as big as Google be even able to have a policy of that nature knowing that people's financial livelihood is affected by this especially the ones who were banking on adsense as their secondary income to help get from pay check to pay check. Google couldn't tell them in advance that their may be some suspicious activity with the account and work with them to allow them to fix the situation before it gets out of hand. What happens when some one steals your credit card and uses it. What do you do? You have your account disabled. You then work with the credit card company while talking to a real person (not an automate one) and they open you a new account. They didn't ban you for life, they open a new account for you. They even refund YOU almost all of the money or take up the losses for you. Excellent business practice. Yes! Merchants count on us purchasers for having a valid credit card. If the account goes bad due to fraudulent activity both the merchant and the purchaser are protected. Nothing seems criminal in the policies. The only ones punished are the fraudsters. WHATZUP WITH THAT GOOGLE ! ! ! Like they say, if your so called invalid click detection software is so accurate that it can reinburse the advertiser down to the pennies for invalid clicks then why cant't it do the same for the publishers rather than keeping ALL of their fair earnings. This is like trying to break up a fight between to people, instead of getting between them you tie the hand of one of them causing that person to get a servere beating by the other.

Well enough already. I don't hate Google, I just hate what they did to me and many other people. All I can say is that their adsense program really sucks badly for us little guys. As of now I only support all other company's ads revenue program for they are more down to earth with their ToS. And yes, you can talk to real people when there is a problem such as I did, not an automated one. I now feel unconfortable uneasy feeling (that RIP OFF feeling) using anything Google except on a "Need To Know" basis.

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