Selling ClickBank Products Alone Is Very Difficult

I know because I have been trying to sell ClickBank products for over five years and only had 3 sales...... which includes a purchase made by me. You are way way way better off using a tool to promote ClickBank product. CBproAds makes it a whole lot simpler using  Google style Adsense banners that you promote through CBproAds. Please watch video below. Dont worry, there are no endless testimonies from gurus wasting your time talking about how they make thousands of thousands of dollars a day. BTW I am the owner of this web site (PAN) and uses it to promote CBproAds which works pretty well.

Please watch entire video especially at 1:01 before clicking on banner. That is what I find the most effective benefit of CB Pro Ads.

You Clickbank ID is already inserted into ALL banners and links automatically. No need to go through a tedious process of inserting your Clickbank ID into 10,000 banner or links.

By The Way:

I got the video above form YouTube and added the CBproAds banner to the bottom of video just by merging the two html codes.

I then placed the code on many classified ads sites across the internet and received lots of referrals and sales as a results. You can too. If you join CBproAds through my banner just contact me and I will set you up with a code at no charge to do the same thing and you can then place the code on many web sites and blogs. It is so easy to do.